Thursday, June 10, 2010

Brain Fried

My kids. Sick. A lot.

Owen on his third antibiotic to treat his third ear infection in 3 weeks. 333. It's the new 666.

Will typing 666 bring a lot of crazies to my blog? Here goes nothing.

Colt just got done with his second bout of strep in the last 2 months. He was sick as a dog last weekend, all weekend. Which meant a second weekend in a row of NONSTOP PHINEAS AND FERB. Do your kids watch "Phineas and Ferb"? It is skewed a little older (in fact it's shown in the evenings on Disney near Hannah Montana). But John likes it. Yes, John likes the theme song and it technically is a pretty funny show so HE started watching it. And then Colt got into it. And so we traveled for Memorial Day weekend and he watched lots of episodes in the car. And then he was so sick and just wanted to cuddle and veg so we let him watch all the DVR'd versions we had. Over and over. And I'm so SICK of Phineas and Ferb and their annoying sister Candace's voice. Where's my sweet Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?!

This has also turned my darling 17-month-old into a total TV head. He now walks in the door and hands us the TV remote and smiles very big and says "peas peas" while signing please in sign language. My exhaustion from 3 urgent care trips, 2 pediatrician trips, and 5 trips to the pharmacy in 3 weeks leave me vulnerable. Vulnerable as a complete and total pushover.

" asked nicely and used your manners. Please zone out for 30 minutes and fry your brain sweet boy!"

So...soon we're staging a toddler intervention. But maybe tomorrow. I'm too tired tonight. But I get a date night alone with my husband, unlimited rolls with cinnamon butter, and steak tonight. Heaven.

Sometime soon I'll tell the tale of my tailbone. It's a tale that needs to be told. If anyone has suggestions other then chiropractors for how to fix a painful tailbone after childbirth please share.

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KLTTX said...

Phineas and Ferb is huge with my oldest son. If he has a choice, he will pick that. I have seen every episode that we have (over 30) at least three times. I am constantly checking out to see if there is a new one that I can tape. Samuel will watch it but he still prefers Sesame Street. He could watch Elmo non-stop if we let him - "ELMO"!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh sweetie, I thought I was the only person on earth who had specific tailbone (not sciatic, as everyone would suggest) pain during and after pregnancy. It was horrendous! I even had a donut at work to sit on! :) It went away during maternity leave and came back on day 1 of me being back at work. The only thing that finally worked was the stinkin' chiropractor. I just went until the pain was gone (a month?) and then didn't buy into their mantra about coming back continually. Good luck!

Aaron and Angie said...

I'm in week one of the girls being sick, week two for me. it's the worst! Both girls had head colds and now Holly has diarrhea & last night vomitted. She hasn't been peeing much so I worry my brains out! I never know when she's "ok". Went to the DR today and may be in for an ER visit if she's not peeing overnight... UGH!

Kimberly said...

Jessica - some PTs treat coccyx pain - coccydyina. There is a PT with the clinic at the lighthouse gym named Lisa (I am blanking on her last name...) It is called Specialized Physical Therapy. She is a women's health specialist. You might try it??? I never treated much coccyx pain - so I don't have much experience. But it is real, and happens to a lot of women post child birth.

Leah said...

Sounds like you've had a ton going on! And I think it's completely understandable that at times, your kids will just have to be watched by the TV. I don't know how else parents would ever get a break!

Caroline said...

Our house likes Penguins of Madagascar. The humor is also a little older and subtle, so Sean and I laugh, but the boys love it and turn and look whenever the theme song comes on. We have episodes on the DVR so we can turn it on anytime... I'm getting a little sick of it though since I've seen every episode about 10 times.

hope548 said...

Ah, that sounds so familiar. Tubes may be in your future, and if they are, don't worry, because they help tremendously!
Hope everyone gets well and stays well.

momof2monsters said...

I know all about Phineas and Ferb. I think we have seen every episode. It makes me nuts. We are in the same boat with the ear infections. Seems Alexander has one everytime we turn around. Makes me so crazy. Just had ot take him in to the doc yesterday with a fever of 101 and another ear infection. No wonder the poor kiddo cried for 2 days. Hope your kiddos are well now.