Friday, April 16, 2010

Wow, like, a REAL blog post!

This week has gone surprisingly very well. One of the great benefits to having kids in daycare is that they have so much fun playing all day they sleep very well at night. Here I am after TWO nights in a row of both children sleeping soundly through the night. I'm not saying I'm getting used to it, rather just enjoying it when it happens.

Although, the downside is that when I wake up in the morning after uninterrupted sleep I immediately jump out of bed, run to Owen's room and check his breathing. I'll be glad when that panic goes away at about 9 months!

Another thing I've discovered: caffeine has a much larger effect on me than I ever realized. Or maybe ever wanted to admit. This week, kind of by accident, I stopped drinking caffeine after lunch. And, whaddya know, I feel asleep faster and slept REALLY good sleep each night. Now, maybe it has to do with going back to work but I like to think it's because I'm making healthier choices.

Speaking of healthier choices, I promise one day I'm going to start the 30-Day Shred. Promise. I just haven't found the time. Which is so not an excuse because I need to make the time. I have yet to fit into any of my pre-pregnancy clothes. So instead of buckling down and eating right and exercising, I just went and bought "transition clothes" to get me through. Sigh...what a waste of money when I have a closet full of adorable clothes in a size I'm proud to wear and wish I could wear again. I'll work on my stomach and butt, but if someone could please encourage my boobs to shrink back to their normal size (which is still too large for my taste) I would REALLY appreciate it.

I am pretty happy with how this week has gone. I've managed to keep up with laundry, keep the house picked up, given John some golf time, AND I'm only 2 shows behind on my DVR. Success, if I do say so myself.

Today I officially have a 2-month-old and a 16-month-old, and I absolutely love it. Owen had shots yesterday at his 2-month checkup and it was quite traumatizing. At Colt's 2-month appointment John went with me so I could avoid feeling so guilty. This time it's all me. Good news is that Owen is growing like a week, 12.8 pounds and 23 1/4 inches. He's grabbing, smiling a little, making eye contact, and has great neck control...other than that there's not much I can ask from him!

Word of warning: make sure you understand ALL the ins and outs of maternity leave and vacation with your company. Or you, too, could be out a paycheck. I did not truly grasp the situation at hand and ended up losing a chunk of my normal paycheck. We'll be fine (thanks Dave Ramsey and Emergency Fund), but still...starting a second child in daycare is NOT the time to be out any money!

Speaking of Dave Ramsey, we haven't been full-on Debt Snowballing yet, but we did use our tax money to pay off one of our cars, all the remaining medical bills, and stock our emergency fund. We still have a long way to go (another car, credit card with adoption expenses, and the house) but, you know, we're in a much better place now than a month ago! Gotta love it.

And you know my ongoing hatred for all things medical bills...well, we got one in the mail the other day that I had no problem paying. Writing a check to pay for my epidural was easily the happiest I've ever been giving my hard-earned money away. It also made me all the more grateful for my health insurance as it only cost me $160. Worth every. stinking. penny.

I've gone on long enough...have a great weekend! I'll be busy celebrating my first year of being 29, as my birthday is tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Happpppy birthday! :)

You're kickin' butt and taking names this week, momma, good work! Owen's growing like a weed, yay for a healthy kiddo! And congrats on getting your emergency fund stockpiled. It makes me a bit twitchy knowing we have that money just sitting there and I SO wish we could just pay off another credit card with it, but that's what got us into this mess to start with. We only have 3 big CC's left and then a couple loans. It's going faster than I thought it might, woo!

Have a great weekend!

Ms. J said...

The thing that has me most excited about going back to work? TIME TO BLOG!!!

Miss you (and miss having time to email you, too - but I think about you ALL the time!!!)

Leah said...

So happy things went well the first week! And you are doing awesome at being a full time worker, full time mommy, wife, and keeping things moving around the house! An inspiration to me for sure. :)

Sammy said...

Happy birthday you amazing Mommy! I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your men!

Mountain Girl said...

Happy Birthday!

It sounds like all your fellas are well taken care of! And I don't know what to say about getting your boobs shrunk back, but I'd say when you are ready, you'll do the exercise and eat right program. I'm glad Owen is gaining weight - I'm sure he is a cutie! (Pictures would be nice! :-) And I'm sure Colt is at a fun age plus both boys sleeping through the night! YEA!

Wendy said...

Hope you have a great birthday!