Monday, March 29, 2010

Strep sucks

Owen is snoring soundly in his bouncy chair, so I thought I'd hop on and try to update!

We had a wonderful weekend with my grandparents and aunt in town. They got to meet Owen and Colt was able to show off some of his new tricks...including how he can be in a great mood even while very, very sick.

I managed to shell out $60 in doctor co-pays by making THREE separate trips to the doctor between Wednesday and Saturday. First, I'd finally had enough of watching Owen writhe in discomfort and cry all day long, so Wednesday I took him to the doctor to see what we could do about obvious reflux issues. A new formula and Rx for baby Zantac later and he's like a new child! I'm SO glad we went.

Thursday I got a call from school that Colt was running a high temperature. When I picked him up he was pathetic, clearly aching and sleepy. They ran tests for RSV, flu, and strep and ALL came back negative. Just a we headed to my mom's to visit with the family.

By Saturday it wasn't any better. He wasn't sleeping, and when he woke up that morning (screaming) he had 102.5 temp and had the feverish chills. I'm here to tell you there is nothing sadder than a toddler that is shaking with chills, burning up, grabbing onto your neck and still crying uncontrollably. Broke my heart so we headed into the Saturday clinic at the doctor's office. Well, the throat culture had come back positive for strep! Good thing we took him in or he would have spent all weekend untreated! After a round of antibiotics and lots of fluids he was back to himself by Saturday night.

So we're back to having two healthy kiddos, and in the meantime spent some much-needed time with family. My grandma held Owen for about 2 1/2 straight days. She LOVES babies and had been looking forward to cuddling with Owen. She'd snuggle all day with Colt, too, if he'd let her but, alas, he is MUCH too busy to be held by anybody! I was glad for both Owen and my grandma that they had that time to bond. I also got a little time away to go shopping with my aunt, and even got a few early birthday presents!

I go back to work in 2 weeks, but I'm refusing to acknowledge that. While normally I'd think "I ONLY have two weeks left" instead I'm thinking "Wow, I have TWO weeks!!". Going to take it easy this week and just cuddle with Owen as much as possible.

I wish I had more exciting updates to provide you! But things are happy and as peaceful as they can be. I always think of blog posts when I'm lying in bed or away from the computer but then I forget them by the time I get here. Hopefully I'll do better soon!

Off to watch some movies on Netflix, which now streams through our Wii console and it's AWESOME. There, that's your excitement!


momof2monsters said...

I am glad that both boys are feeling better. Zantac works wonders for Alexander. He is like a new baby. Good to hear that your family got to spend some time with the boys and you and John.

Leah said...

Glad the kiddos are feeling much better. Sick kids always break my heart. :(