Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just some things I was thinking...

In lieu of original thought, here are some random things coming your way:

- I have an unhealthy sadness about Sandra Bullock and Jesse James. I feel lied to...the entire awards season he supported her and she raved on and on about their love and relationship. She's fighting for custody of his daughter with him. She deserves so much better. It makes me very sad. (this is my celebrity obsession speaking)

- We took Colt to his 15-month appointment yesterday. He weighed over 28 pounds and was 32.5 inches long! He is BIG and thriving and happy and right on track. Since we were all there we snuck Owen on to the scales. Already 10 pounds!! He is going to be a BIG boy too! I am so proud my boys are thriving.

- I have been wildly productive this week, to the point that all the goals I had for maternity leave are complete except for the baby books. But other than pictures and the last few months of Colt's first year, I have both filled out! I think I'll be done by the time I go back to work. I've organized our closet, sorted, organized, and packed away Colt's clothes from the past year and they are ready for Owen to grow into, I've done marathon laundry wash, dry, fold, and put away sessions, cleaned our bedroom, kept the rest of the house clean, wrote and mailed all thank you cards, wrote letters and sent pictures to Colt's birthmom, and spent MOST of my time cuddling with Owen and catching up on DVR and Netflix. It has been successful and I still have 3 weeks to go!

- I don't want to go back to work. Already. That's all.

- Owen's sleeping habits still have little regularity and are not getting any longer at night. This is a great source of frustration. But I know it will pass. It's just frustrating.

- I was cleared by my OB/GYN this week. He asked me what birth control I wanted to use. I laughed. I haven't thought about birth control in over 4 years! I didn't even know what to say so he just prescribed me some pill. Hope it works!

- My grandparents and favorite aunt are coming next week and I could not be more excited. I can't wait for them to see all of Colt's new tricks and meet Owen...they are beyond excited too.

- I love texting.

- I had a dream last night involving the Kardashians fighting at my spa day. I don't like dreaming about the Kardashians.

- My March Madness bracket is already screwed and the first day of games is not even over yet.

That's all for now. More randomness to come very soon!


Leah said...

I also am disappointed in the whole Sandra Bullock and Jesse James thing. I love her, and he seemed like the supportive husband and everything. Yes. . . My celebrity obsession.

Sounds like your boys are doing well and that you're getting a ton done. That's awesome. :-D

Becky said...

That was fun reading! Thanks for sharing!
Didn't even know about SB and JJ!

Anonymous said...

Wow, go you for being so productive! I hope Owen is sleeping better by the time you go back to work. Do you have a miracle blanket? :)