Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gotta love the bullet points!

So much has been going on lately, I don't even know where to start on an update!

Work has been so busy for me lately, lots of new projects and deadlines. I've even been fairly absent from Twitter and FB for the last week and they are part of my job! I'm not complaining though.

So, I thought I'd just give you a quick taste of what's been going on. I have pictures for several things to follow up with soon.
  • I don't think I mentioned here that we've decided on a name for Baby #2: Owen Pete. Owen because we like it (and happens to pay homage to OU football field), and Pete because it's my grandfather's childhood nickname. I'll probably post more on this another time and how much it means to us and to him to incorporate such a personal name and carry it on in our family. We're excited about the baby. Please don't call him OP or John will change his mind.

  • Thanksgiving is TOMORROW! What?! I'm excited...we'll have traditional family Thanksgiving at John's parents (and they even invited my mom, stepdad and sister, too!) then leave from their house to go to Missouri to visit my grandparents and aunt this weekend. John will actually turn around and come home the next day to work on some house projects, but Colt and I will stay and come home with my mom on Sunday. I'm excited to get away and do lots of eating and some shopping!

  • Speaking of John's projects...he's got a lot of things to get done this week! Luckily, he already put up Christmas lights this weekend (check out his wasp sting for proof). But he will be cleaning out, packing up, and assembling new furniture to turn our office into a playroom this weekend. He's also cleaning out Owen's room, painting a wall, and getting ready for the furniture that is to come in there. He's also beginning the process of fixing, stripping, and repainting the dresser in that room. The guy will be BUSY while we're gone!

  • Um, I will be busy, too. Because Colt is a mad crawling monster machine. And he's a master of pulling up on things now, so he requires a constant eye of supervision. His favorite thing now is to turn on the bathtub faucets in our bathroom and run his hands in the water. Also requires lots of attention because the only one he can turn on by himself is the hot water!

  • Last week I had a friend come over and help me reorganize my pantry and kitchen cabinets. Even though it wasn't a HUGE difference to the naked eye, everything makes so much more sense now and I have room to add things! It makes me feel like a better person to have control over my glassware, random kitchen appliances (hello S'mores maker!), and food we don't eat.

  • My dear friend, Liz, celebrated her 30th birthday this weekend. We had an awesome party, then met up for a girl's day on Saturday. We went and saw "The Blind Side" at the movies and it was so good! A real feel-good movie with lots of football in it...can't really go wrong.

  • John and I were discussing whether or not to put up a Christmas tree this year. He thinks it's too dangerous with Colt crawling and pulling things over all the time. I feel heartbroken at the thought of not starting that tradition now. So I did what anyone struggling with a major decision would do: I asked Facebook. Overwhelmingly (almost 40 comments) agreed we should do it! Everyone gave lots of suggestions on how to limit the "danger" so we'll see if John can get everything out of the attic this week. We know Colt will LOVE the tree!

  • I went Black Friday morning shopping last year and had a blast. This year it will not be happening. I'm kind of sad, but at the same time I'm so easily worn out and my back hurts ALL.THE.TIME right now so it's probably best for me to limit trampling crazy ladies this year.

So I guess those are the main things. Off to try and finish everything by lunch time today so I can get take off early and get some things done before we head out of town. Happy Birthday to my amazing Mom did she want to spend her birthday and the early afternoon she gets at work? By picking up her grandson at daycare, of course! She's so wonderful, he'll be glad to see her!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, be safe, be full, and be thankful!


hope548 said...

I love the name. Glad you found one you both love!
Hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving!

Leah said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. And I love the name Owen. So cute. :-D

It sounds like you guys have a lot of organizing going on to prepare for having two little ones. It must be so exciting. :D

Ms. J said...

Glad to see you back with a report (I do bullet points too sometimes!)

I sent you a long email last week, which was waaaaay overdue to an email you sent me. Thinking bout you are we navigate the holidays ;o)