Monday, July 11, 2005

Update the Blog!

Apparently, I'm getting lots of requests to update!

I will try to get the camera up and going soon. What a bummer to not be able to show you all pictures of the house put together! I'll figure something out. Speaking of the house, it's GREAT! Everything is pretty much done, and I've even started on the office. It's glorious in it's redness...

Also, thanks to the wonderful green thumbs, Nikki Robnett and Mary Ferguson, the house has curb appeal! Last Thursday, these two awesome chicks worked with me to plant and make beautiful the flower beds out front. I even have a hydrangea, which is my new favorite plant, but it's not blooming yet. A couple of Crepe Myrtles, some pretty flowers (don't know the scientific name....I'll call them pretty flowers) and some nice bushes too. Plus, this coming weekend John will be sodding the backyard, so we're just regular HGTV stars over here in Edmond! Really--thanks to Nikki and Mary. Come back soon to help me learn more!

Not much else going on. We went swimming last night with the nephews. Easton is right at home in the water....I think he's a better swimmer than I am! And Mason has been in swimming lessons and he can go all the way under and kicks his feet really well. He'll be in the deep end in no time!

I'll try to update more this week. I'm in Dallas three days and Tulsa one day, so we'll try to get something in. We don't have internet yet at the house, and we still can't change the channel in the living room. of these days! In the meantime--DVR is great!

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