Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Where are we?

Ai yi yi...left that post up for way too long! Guess I should update with what's been going on since!
  • First, Operation Organization was, in my opinion, a success for me. I did get so many things rearranged and cleaned out. I have a long way to go (like, um, my CLOSET) so I wouldn't say that I followed the program as closely as I should have, but I got a lot done.
  • I know I talked about this before, but after using vinegar/dawn mix to clean my shower, it makes me SO happy. I love walking in there and looking at the shower, love getting in in the morning. I just can't describe how bad it was, and how I felt like I had no control. Doesn't everyone have one area of their home that just gets away from them? also, I've noticed that it makes a difference in the time I spend at home. I get fewer migraines...I think the mildew and soap scum was making me sick. I'm just...if that was the only thing I accomplished that month I'd be thrilled.
  • We also cleaned the outside of our windows for the first time since we moved in...what a HUGE difference it's made in the light coming into our house.
  • Every Sunday we eat donuts before church, and we usually have a stretch of 20-30 minutes between breakfast and church. So we drive a handful of neighborhoods that we love, just to see if any houses are up for sale. Well, this past Sunday we found THE perfect house. it was on a lot we loved, with gorgeous trees and landscaping, in the perfect neighborhood. We were so compelled after looking it up on Zillow that we called and made an appointment that day to see it. We spent over an hour with the homeowner falling in love with this house. I could tell you all about the window seats, the remodeled kitchen, the huge windows in the dining room, the huge bedrooms...but ultimately it wasn't the right timing. We hadn't even thought of putting our house on the market, and we didn't want to jump into anything. Ultimately it made us sit down and go through the projects we want to do on our precious house NOW so that we can enjoy it until the time is right to move. I don't want to buy new carpet for someone else...I want to enjoy it now!
  • As if God was reassuring us about this decision, last night we came home and the boys played until long past their bedtime in the front yard. Our neighbors came out and we gabbed. Other neighbors from 3 houses down came by that we'd never met, and introduced their 3-and-4-year-olds to our kids. The sun was shining, our grass looked greener than ever and we had great company. We love where we live.
  • Also, on the note of the last post...after more than a year of hearing nothing, we got a call from our agency that N (Colt's birthmom) reached out and was requesting pictures. So weird that when i really start thinking about her, wondering about her, praying about her...there she is. She did not want a visit, just wanted pictures and a letter. So I sent it, and included my phone number on there in case she'd lost it.
What's coming up?
  • Well, of course more work travel. It wouldn't be a day that ends in "y" without work travel! In fact, so much piled up on me a few weeks ago that I freaked out. I was slightly tired and emotional. all these trips to the airport and I never get to bring my boys. We needed time away, just the four of us. We needed to be together and have an adventure. So...we booked a vacation!
  • I probably went bigger than I should have, but I didn't go Disney or anything (not that I didn't look, just couldn't afford it on such a short timetable). I know the boys would have been more than fine with going to Great Wolf Lodge, or Branson, or even a hotel down the street with a pool as long as it was nonstop time with Mommy and Daddy. But I wanted to go somewhere special, and they have an obsession with the beach. And airplanes. So, we decided on Destin, FL. It will be Owen's first plane ride, Colt's first that he'll remember, and their first time to the sand and waves. We have a condo right on the beach...just going to relax and have fun and be together. It's what's getting me through the next few tough, long weeks!
  • Other than that, life it ticking along. We're enjoying this incredible, beautiful weather. We're enjoying the funny things Colt is saying, and LOVING having conversations with Owen. We have plans to decorate our master bedroom and I got a new flat screen TV for that room! YAY! No complaints...just loving our present and excited for our future!

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You sound so happy, I love it!!