Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So I'm leaving on a jet plane, as they say. And I don't get too sad about it anymore. Or at least I don't dread traveling like I used to. But, see, there's this thing...called a 2-year-old who now knows what airplanes are. So when I told him that I was going on an airplane the next morning he got excited.

Me: "you have to be good the next few days while mommy is gone."
Colt: "go? Where Mommy go?"
Me: "I get to go on an airplane for work."
Colt lights up: "airplane! Mommy airplane? Go on airplane with Mommy?"
Me: "I wish you could go with me! It would be fun to fly on an airplane. Do you remember when we went on an airplane, just the two of us?"
Colt: "uh-HUH! Let's go mommy. To the airplane."

He takes my hand and starts to walk to the door. How I wish I could bring him with me!

Then as I dropped them off at school I was squeezing Owen and he was giving me his famous slobbery, open mouth kisses I started tearing up. Only a few days away, but I'm telling you those cheeks are addictive. Irresistible.

I imagine it's only going to get harder.

Colt is talking like crazy. "what dad mommy?" is heard most often. School bus, choo-choo, chuch, school, ice cream, pizza are all things we see on our morning drive. He is getting better at understanding and verbalizing right and wrong choices. And his memory is phenomenal.

Owen is taking lots of independent steps. It's awesome to see him get so excited when he does it. Before we know it, walking will be like breathing and that excitement will fade. But for now we're practicing and celebrating every step and he's soaking up the attention.

Life is good!


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain (only for 9 hours a day rather than a few days). Riley has started saying, "Nooooo. Stay heeeeree!" when I tell her I have to go to work! If only...

Sammy said...

Life is so good with two little ones! Crazy and busy but so so good!