Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Things I am avoiding doing that MUST be done:
-Planning food and decorations for Colt's birthday party THIS SATURDAY
-Paying medical bills
-Ordering Christmas cards
-Making my Christmas card list
-Ordering family photos
-Christmas shopping (online or otherwise)
-Coming up with family traditions for Christmas
-Finishing my presentation at work
-Planning dinner and babysitter instructions for our night out to Michael Buble concert TONIGHT
-Wrapping presents
-Buying presents for daycare teachers
-Tracking Weight Watchers points

Things I don't have to worry about:
-Cleaning my house - it's been pretty well-maintained
-Budgeting for Christmas shopping - DONE!
-Finishing this other presentation - DONE!

Things I'm doing instead:
-Blogging...enough said


momof2monsters said...

I totally love traditions. Here are some that we do
- St Nick ( he comes the night of December 5 a little late but there is next year.
-elf on a shelf. an elf that you can buy at Hallmark. He sits on your shelf and watches and then when the kids go to bed, he goes back to the North Pole and lets Santa know if the kids have been good or naughty then hides in a new place the next morning. The kids will have a good time looking for the new place each morning.
- 12 days of Christmas the 12 days leading up to Christmas, we give the kids a little trinket or something small ( think dollar tree)
- we adopt an angel from the Salvation Army tree and the kids have a great time picking out the gifts for someone that otherwise would not have a Christmas present.
- we make cinnamon rolls to eat for breakfast the night before leave them out to rise during the night then bake them the next morning.
I am sure that there should only be 1 tradition but these are the things that we have enjoyed doing with the kids throughout the years.
I am sure that you will find one that you love and the boys will too.

Ms. J said...

A few quick thoughts . . .

Send Christmas cards only to those who send you one first this year. It will cut your list down tremendously. But send them to senior citizens or anyone who had a down year, regardless. I actually use a spreadsheet for this, LOL, and track it. Two years without a card from you? Off the list. Or switch to sending New Year's cards instead. Next year we are moving to sending Chinese New Year cards entirely.

Presents for daycare workers . .. $10 gift card to local eateries/fast food/gas station. Seriously. They don't need another little "thing" around their home.

Wrapping presents . . . wrap only the kids. Everyone else gets the cheapest gift bag you can find with just white tissue paper. Seriously, you have two little kids and a very busy job. If you can't stand this thought, hire a teenager for two hours to wrap everything, put a sticky note on each for the to/from. Or a senior citizen who loves to wrap. I was once hired by a single man (friend of family) to wrap his gifts when I was 12 yrs old. I got paid, he looked good when he took gifts to his family!

Christmas presents . . . our girls get 3 presents each. That's it. If 3 was good enough for the Baby Jesus, it's good enough for my kids. And a stocking.

Write out your babysitter instructions on your computer, so you can easily amend/edit/update for next time and print out. Or email to their phone so they have it handy ;o)

Go LOW-KEY for a 2 yr old's birthday party, seriously. Simple, easy, short. He's 2.

WW points - you have a phone, thus you have a memo component. Write it down now. Or download that app again.

Okay, moving along to world peace now, kidding!