Wednesday, May 05, 2010


So this is not an exciting post, but I'm posting it anyway because it's pretty much my whole life right now.

Owen has horrible, horrible infant reflux issues. All the classic signs: lots of spit-up, a raspy cough, a hoarse cry, constant discomfort, eating small meals more often, not sleeping through the night even though at his weight and age he should be close, and screaming when laying flat. He has a hard time eating because as he's trying to swallow, it's coming back up.

We have done A LOT to try and help. Pretty much anything suggested we try. Including:

- We have been through 3 formulas including Enfamil AR (for acid reflux). We eventually went to Enfamil Gentlese because the AR built up in his tummy and caused HORRIBLE constipation.
- He is now on the max dose each day of baby Zantac.
- Mylecon drops because the reflux often causes gas to build up as he eats. He is gasping and taking in a lot of air as milk comes back up in the middle of a feeding.
- We switched bottles from Playtex Drop-Ins to Dr. Brown's.
- We're now warming up his bottles instead of room temperature water to ease the digestion and help him get sleepy at night.
- He's sleeping in his bouncy seat in his crib at night. Mattress on an incline just wasn't helping.

ALL this and we're STILL at a loss. He is actually a very content baby for all this mess. You'd think he'd be colicky or fussy but he's not. When he's uncomfortable or fussing, I know it's because he's truly in pain.

I am just so, so frustrated. There's no indication he's behind in development, but I worry. Tummy time is limited with all this stuff. Even laying in a play gym or on a blanket on his back is non-existent so I know he will be behind on rolling over. He smiles quite a bit now but it's just recently and it's definitely not as often as other babies his age. I wonder if it's the laid-back, observer personality I can already tell he has or if it's (gulp) that he's just so miserable. I ache to think he's in so much pain and discomfort that he's not happy.

We're going to keep at it, knowing he'll eventually grow out of it. He's definitely thriving and growing like crazy so I know there's not much more medically they will do.

This mama is frustrated and sad for her little one...any other suggestions are welcome!


Anonymous said...

Yuck! That doesn't sound like fun! I have no advice, but I hope you find some good stuff!


Melba said...

No clue about this stuff (and I'm sorry you're having to go through it and worry about your sweet baby boy!) but I just happened to see this thing:

and thought it might be able to help you.


the Spocks said...

Zantac never worked for Rachel. She took prevacid which you have to disolve and then give to them but it worked. Gripe water never worked-her acid reflux was very severe. She also was put on Nutramgin (expensive formula made by Enfamil). The Nutramgin worked well.

We did a crib incline which did not work so she sleeped in her carrier. They don't advise that but it worked. I know all of this from one personal exp and two multiple trips to the doc. Research also helps. Any questions just email me.

Praying it gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm so so so sorry. :( I can't imagine watching your peanut be in pain and not know what to do to make it stop!

My nephew (Colt's age) had terrible reflux too and the only combination that eventually worked was Axid for the medication (instead of Zantac, prevacid, etc.) and Neocate for the formula. Neocate is REDONKULOUSLY expensive. Like $45 a can. But it worked. And we were able to help my sister find some cans of it on craigslist (unopened of course) from mom's who were done with theirs.

My nephew also was maintaining his weight just fine, so the dr's were at a bit of a loss, but kept trying to find the right combo. Don't worry about being "behind" on development, he'll catch up quick, and all kids are so different, there's no timeline, just one giant continuum that every kid lands on somewhere. *hugs*

LacyGee said...

We had all 4 of my kids on Zantac and REGLAN!! I think you use Dr Crittenden too--if so he will presribe it. Zantac helps it not burn and Reglan helps it not come up. So see if you can get some of that!!!!Hang in there!

Ms. J said...

Apologies if you tried this (I was reading really fast) . . . Peanut has reflux, too, and pediatrician has us add rice cereal (1/2 tablespoon per ounce of breast milk or formula) to bottle. We actually didn't have to cut the nipples or anything. We use a coffee stirrer (one of those little sticks) to whisk it in the bottle so it is smoother.

Also, you can buy formula in which the rice is already added. We use Tar.get's version ($15 a can) and it's worked great for us. Also on the zanac [sp?] too.

There is a bed positioner I have heard of that helps. She did a lot of sleeping in her car seat or swing in the early weeks to help out, or sleeping semi-vertical on our chests. Her reflux seems a lot better, though.

We make sure to change her diaper before feedings, to cut out having to lay her down and face more spitup, and tummy time always occurs just prior to a feeding for the same reason.

Becky said...

My first son had this terribly! I understand but, can't offer much more than what you are doing! We did all of that too.
One night, he nearly affixiated on it, sleeping on his back, and the pedi. told me to start putting him on his tummy to sleep and that did help. And, that way, we knew he wouldn't choke in the night!! He did not sleep well sitting up so that wasn't an option for me.

I KNOW how hard and frustrating......a lot of times, you just have to wait until they outgrow it!! :(

Holly said...

Oh, C had awful reflux! She was never colicky but feedings were a NIGHTMARE and she spit up a TON (still does). It took 6 months of trying everything before we found the exact combo of things that worked for us:

*she slept in a swing/bouncer until she was almost 4m old.
*We tried evvvvery formula. Tons of people swear by Nutramigen, but it didn't work for us. Our magic formula was 1/2 Similac Soy to 1/2 Similac Sensitive with cereal mixed in (get to that in a sec).
*What we ended up doing, was mixing a pitcher of formula at a time with the above combo...and then I added Mylicon, gripe water, and cereal. I believe we did 1 t. of cereal/ounce with a Level 2 (maybe 3?) Dr. Brown's nipple.
*Zantac didn't work for us, even at the highest dose, and doesn't work for a LOT of reflux babies. Prevacid worked for us.
*Our ped suggested we also give C Mylanta. I don't remember the dosage, but maybe ask your ped.

I really think the Prevacid and the cereal were what helped her the most.

Hang in there, it gets better for lots of babies when they can sit up!