Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday, Owen Pete!

My Sweet Owen,

Happy birthday! It’s finally here, after asking almost every day since your brother’s birthday if it was your turn. I’m writing this after having almost a week at home while you recovered from a stomach bug that had you too “sick” to go to school, but not sick enough to change your energy level or attitude. It was wonderful to have that one-on-one time.

You have the sweetest voice, and every time you tell me a story or ask me a question, it’s like music to my ears. I want to record your voice, just like it is, so I can always hear the innocence and the curiosity and capture this time as a “little” boy. You’ve been telling me over and over lately how you’re not “wittle” anymore and “I’m a BIG boy now”. And you certainly are. You’ve always been my quiet one, always been one that prefers your brother find out the answers. He tells your great big stories and you listen, responding with “ok”. But you certainly don’t watch life from the sidelines. And you want mommy in a front row seat – your “watch dis, Mommy” keeps me on my toes!

You are the definition of BOY. You like getting dirty, you prefer playing outside, and you love to play and watch ball. Any kind of ball, really, but you’re pretty convinced you’ll be a basketball player when you grow up like cousin Mason. I can rarely get you to watch more than 15 minutes of a movie (you prefer Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Mickey). You’re a builder, and for your birthday we practically mortgaged the house to get you the magnet tiles you love building with at school. But it’s worth it to watch you create in such a focused way.

You love playing dress up, and you’re still fascinated with big trucks. So the Fireman and Policeman costume you got for Christmas was just perfect. You wave and say hi to all public servants we see at the store or restaurants. And you love seeing their trucks with the lights on.

You’re still an early riser and just about every morning I hear you wake over the monitor. I can hear you stir, and you usually start with a song or talking to your baby or Pooh bear. Then it escalates into a loud, clear “MOMMY! I AWAKE NOW! MOMMY! COME GET ME!”. And, looking for even 10 more minutes I go to get you and bring you under the covers between me and Daddy. And for those 10 minutes you’re the calmest, quiestest, and most loving you’ll be all day. You snuggle in my arms and breathe quietly, and I bury my face in your fine, blonde hair. It doesn’t last long, but I cherish those few minutes before the sun rises more than you’ll ever know.

I didn’t think any little boy could love being with his family more than your brother – but I think you just might. Your favorite thing in the world is to have your “WHOLE famiwy ALL togever”. You’re happiest when surrounded by those your love. Every night we sing “He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands” and list each member of our family. You never let me forget even one. And you still sing about Great Grandma, even though she went to live with Jesus a few months ago. You tell me you dream about her, and I have a feeling she talks to you that way. When I get sad, you quickly remind me that she’s in Heaven so we don’t need to be sad. I am so thankful for your every day reminders of innocence, dreams, and Heaven.

I love you, Owen Pete. I will always say that you’re the best surprise I ever received. I thank God for giving you, perfect you, to complete our family.


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